Camera Accessories by Dragon Image Must-have Items For Hassle-free Production

You can find the best camera accessories by Dragon Image that would make your video and photography production convenient and trouble-free. Accessories are items that should be on your priority list if you are a newcomer in the niche that deals with audio, video, and pictures. Even professionals and veterans in this niche know the importance of having a complete accessory kit within reach.

What to Include in Your List of Camera Accessories by Dragon Image Check out the must-have items that you should never do without in the world of video production and photography sessions:

Camera Cases

Keep your camera safe from any kind of damage with high-quality camera cases that offer multiple compartments for other accessories.

Wireless Transmitters and Receivers

Connectivity is important in small-scale and big video productions so make sure you have a set of wireless receivers and transmitters for immediate use.

Here is a list of other important camera accessories by Dragon Image:

  • Articulating arms
  • Shoe mounts
  • Time lapse
  • Matte boxes and accessories
  • Follow focus and accessories
  • Cables and adapters
  • Storage media
  • Video converters

The Dragon Image video lighting kits offer a wide range of items from major gadgets to video lighting accessories. Get high-quality output from your video production with a complete list of equipment and accessories for amateur and pro videographers. Making an initial investment on video lighting kit is a wise choice if you want to be serious about this niche.

Find a wide variety of lighting kits that you can use for short and long video production including flexible fluorescent lights, cameras, and background support kits such as green screen Chroma key velvet. Some comprehensive kits include portable camera bags and cases, daylight Autocue Lights with a Boom, and light stands. Most of these Dragon Image video lighting kits are cost-effective options that offer professional quality videos and easy setup or installation.

Rent Video Lighting or Buy Your Own

Videographers have two options in terms of getting the video lighting they need. You can either rent the lighting kit or buy your own if you have the available budget. Each option has their own pros and cons thus, weigh your options before making a final decision.