Rent a Moonwalk For These Occasions in Missouri City

Bounce houses, moonwalks, bouncy castles are all inflatable structures known by different names. They add fun and recreation to a party or even that you host. Children and adults love to have fun on these bouncy structures, and enjoy it even more when there are slides attached to them. Moonwalks can be hired from party rental companies in and around Missouri city for a very reasonable price, for a time period that spans a few hours. You can also hire them for an extended period, say a couple of days over the weekend, when your celebration goes on for longer. You also get attractive discounts when you rent them for such long duration. Whether you have a short party, or a long one, here a couple of occasions where you can rent a moonwalk to bring some fun, or serve a purpose.

  • Camping trips and family reunions – it is always fun to get together with your loved ones on a holiday or over the weekend. It is equally exciting to go on a camping or hiking trail with your friends. Keeping the kids entertained through such trips may be a difficult task, but not with bounce houses. If you’re camping on a hot summer day, you could also rent a snow cone machine for the tiny tots, and a margarita machine for the adults.
  • Birthday parties – children’s birthday parties have the same format – cutting cake, distributing food and beverage, singing songs, clicking pictures, playing kids’ games, and distributing return gifts. This can get boring over time, so when you want to bring in some freshness, rent out a bounce house. Little tykes will love the ‘jumpy castle’ more than anything else, and you will also be able to take the party on for longer while keeping children thoroughly entertained.
  • Fundraising events – people admit it. It’s difficult to get an audience to your fundraiser if isn’t entertaining enough. Also, not all fundraisers can have celebrities performing in front of large crowds. So, when you need to raise money towards a cause, and yet do not have sky high budgets, you can make use of the moonwalk to attract people. You can ask for a donation for five minutes on the bounce house, or try to set the longest moonwalk record in Missouri city. Or you can simply put them up to attract people to the event.
  • Church festivals, community gatherings, and block parties – many events bring together members of a local community, church or group to celebrate a specific occasion. In such instances, you can take the help of a party rental company. Not just bounce castles, slides, and moonwalks; you can also hire vending machines for popcorn, cotton candy, slushy drinks, hotdogs, and so on for complete entertainment.
  • Rallies and homecoming parties – keeping your supporters in full energy through a party or rally can be a difficult task. That’s exactly where bounce houses help you. They’re not just fun, but also a great way to keep the spirits soaring as you move from one destination to another gathering support and well-wishers.

Bounce houses and moonwalks are great for parties, events, and occasions in Missouri City, but no one’s stopping you from renting them when you want to have some fun at home. These inflatable structures, as well as concession equipment like popcorn, cotton candy, and slushy machines are just what you need to drive away mid-summer blues, and keep your kids entertained.