Tips TO Design A Kisok Stall

There are a number of ways in which you can make your kiosk stalls look attractive and create a crowd of customers around your stall

Balance your display space.

Space plays a major role in your Exhibition Stall Design. If you have less place you must see to it that it does not make your customers uncomfortable and want to leave the stall. To stop this you could showcase one of each products in the main part of the stall and once you see your customers satisfied with what they see you could show them more.

Be Unique.

No one likes things similar. Everyone wants something different. Same is the case with your stall. If your stall is similar to that of your neighbour and your customers do not find anything interesting in it is hard for you to keep them lured to you. You can definitely have a look at the design patterns of the other kiosk but you should see to it that you do not end up imitating it.

Brand Recognition.

Being remembered is the main agenda of people today. And the same applies with your products and services. How would people remember you if they want to come to you later? You should see to it that your Exhibition Management Companies name and logo is clearly visible to your customers who come to see what you have to offer but come to you a while later to buy what you sell.

Multiple payment options.

With cashless economy being promoted in such high spirit it is only fitting that you offer multiple payment options such as card transactions, online bank payment or payment gateways such as PayTM. Customers may cancel their mind of buying a product if the payment option of their choice is not available and in such a time where many prefer using cards it if mandatory that you offer them with other options as well.

Attitude and Feedback.

Many a times we must have come across stalls who ask you to fill feedback forms. This is an important aspect for the company for them to know more about customer behaviour. Also it is very important t have a friendly attitude towards your customers. Having a pleasant smile on your face when you greet your customers will give them a welcome feeling and they would venture in. Also catering to the needs of your customers by offering them with varieties, asking them what they exactly need and helping them in finalizing also makes them feel warm and welcome.

Specials and Incentives.

Who does not like offers and special discounts? Having a few specials on your counter gives your customers a fresh feeling about your product. Exclusive pieces, when it comes to jewellery are always an attracting for a customer. And every new customer looks for a discount since it is the first time they are visiting their stall. You should keep in mind such first timers and give them discounts so that they would refer you to their fellows and increase your customer base as well. Make use of occasions to give away free gifts or goodys. Also small things such as cups and coffee mugs on a purchase of above a certain amount will excite the customers.

Wear your Product / display its uses.

This is applicable for products such as jewellery or clothing. Having mannequins and bust figures displaying your product will give your customers a better idea about how it actually looks when worn.

Other products such as technology related ones cannot be shows off. Instead such products should be showcased by operating them in front of your customers so that they will get a better understanding of its working.

In the end follow up with your customers by telling them ways to reach out to them through websites or social media platforms.