Tips to Planning Fairy Parties

So you are looking for a great party theme for your child’s next birthday party and you’re thinking of a fairy party, but how do you plan this type of event? What do you need to make the day enjoyable and memorable for your daughter and her friends? Fairy parties are great for younger children, offering a fun theme, a chance to dress up and an opportunity to have fun and of course, eat cake.

The first step to any successful party is invitations. Now whether you are choosing an entertainment company to provide games and entertainment, or you are planning your own entertainment will determine if you need to buy your own invitations. When selecting your invites, ensure you keep to the theme. There are plenty of fairy or flowered party invitations available, so you can easily start the party idea off with the right theme, so parents and children have some indication to the party that they will be attending.

The next step is to secure the decorations. Balloons are a given and should be at every child party, though you may want to stick to balloons that blend in with a garden theme, as fairies normally live at the bottom of the garden. If you have lots of pot plants, set them around the entertainment area you will be using to make the party decorations bring the garden to life If you are holding the party outdoors, you can use brightly coloured sun umbrellas, which share a joint purpose, they can be imaginer mushrooms where the fairies can hide and they protect the children from sun burn when attending the party.

Think of the entertainment you want to provide. There are companies that specialise in children’s party entertainment where you can hire an entertainer for a set period and they will arrive in the finest quality costume, looking just like a real fairy, which is guaranteed to delight the children. Some of these entertainment companies will add in invitations, so you don’t have to struggle to find the right them, they can bring along the party bags and they will offer games and entertainment so you can relax a little bit knowing your children are in good hands.

If you are doing the entertainment yourself, then the internet will be your best friend to help you find fairy related party games that you can get the children involved in to keep them occupied throughout the event.

You will also need to make up your own party packs These can include a drink, some crisps, maybe some sweets and a little gift to take home to make the party fun and exciting.

You will need to decide where to host the party and this should be determined by the number attending. If you are inviting the entire class and the party is during winter, then having thirty or more children in your home isn’t going to be much fun. You may want to hire a local hall, where the children can play freely indoors without you worrying that they will wander off.

Don’t forget the most important part, the cake. Ideally speak to a cake decorator and get them to make you a princess cake to fit the theme You can even choose strawberry and vanilla sponge or green and yellow sponge to make the cake fun and fairy like.

Finally, remember that on the day you will want to get up early and get the decorations in place long before the children arrive for the party. This way you have time for a cup of tea with everything laid out so you don’t have to still be rushing as parents arrive to drop their children off.

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